Tuesday, September 20, 2016

When we are young we tend to take life as it comes and believe that we are invincible. As we mature, take on more responsibility, and have families, our perspective quickly changes. We worry more about the economy, pay attention to international strife, and start questioning violence and unrest. As I have grown older I have started to look at the world through new eyes. I look back at my past and how it shaped me. I better understand how my parents fighting and divorce impacted me even though I was older when they separated. I have more clarity around why so many people who are empty, desolate, and come from violent pasts act the way that they do. I know that I am not alone.

I recently read the new book Indivisible by Christine Marie Mason. When I read the back cover I was intrigued because I saw a bit of myself in her story. Christine shares a very personal journey with us and really opens up about her life and what led her to embark on honest and unusual searching. I think that you will see yourself throughout Christine’s journey and if not, you will begin to look around your world and ask new questions that may not have come to you before.

Christine Marie Mason is a successful leader and community builder. When you read her story, on the surface she seems to have everything and has made success look easy. So many of us may appear to others to be just like Christine yet, there is so much below the surface. Christine worked hard for her success and encountered numerous obstacles, tragedies, and pain along the way. Her life was never easy. If we look deep into the eyes of other people I guarantee that we would see the same experiences in those eyes. We may see pain, hurt, and strength.

The crux of Christine’s pain happened early in life. Her mother was murdered when she was a young girl and it changed her forever. She felt abandoned, disconnected, alone in a room of people, and unsure of herself. A part of her was gone that couldn’t be replaced. The loss stayed with her for decades. She eventually turned to healing herself by immersing herself into the lives of others and building new communities in various parts of the world. Christine became a master at bringing people together and connecting so that others could heal as well. In a world of violence, loneliness, and technology where our relationships are online, Christine stepped up to make a difference by connecting.

Christine points out how human history and changed and how we connect is so vastly different. Technology has changed us. As a leader in the technology field, Christine is a rarity. She shares how she yearns to help “make changes to create change in our own lives and in our immediate surroundings”. She wants people to reconnect and starts down the path of healing, connecting, leading, and asking questions like how can we live and work better? How can we connect more? How does community form? What possibilities are out there?

Christine does more than just ask questions and ponder change. She travels the world jumping into new experiences and even has strangers move in with her for communal living. What she learns and the experiences she enjoyed are eye opening. Following are some of Christine’s adventures, most of which would intimidate the strongest of us!

·         She has been a speaker at TEDx nine times and attended Burning Man
·         She has visited numerous churches, temples, and mosques to learn and share with all faiths
·         Christine studied neuroscience and the complexity of the brain along the way
·         She’s explored remote cultures around the world and absorbed new non-western philosophies
·         She broke through her pain from her mother’s murder while meeting with and volunteering with life-eligible maximum security inmates. This experience really impacted her and kick started her journey to recovery
·         Christine bravely taught yoga in a male fighting gym while miraculously teaching men to listen to their inner selves and body for performance and healing

All of these unique and meaningful experiences gave Christine the healing and peace that she sought. Her journey cleansed her soul and opened her mind up to new possibilities and refreshing ways to impact others. She learned more about human experiences and how they are so different across cultures. Her journey is about self love, community, human connectivity, and mindfulness. Indivisible reminds us that life’s experiences enable us to grow and understand our place in the world. Experiences open our eyes and our hearts. They can also heal.

You don’t need to leave your comfortable chair to experience a journey to open your mind or find some inner peace while questioning our modern world. Snuggle up with Christine Marie Mason’s book Indivisible and join her on her quest around the world and in different cultures to connect, grow, and bring about change in your own life.