Monday, January 21, 2019

The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success - It's All About You! by David E. Nielson

I am a voracious reader and always looking to learn new ideas and approaches, and then I try to apply them to my personal growth. I enjoy books that aren’t overwhelming with affluent scientific gibberish because I want to be one with the book, not be overcome by statistics and theories that I won’t use on a daily basis. The new book The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success – It’s All About YOU by David E. Nielson is my kind of read. I was immensely drawn into the book and took notes on how I can personally grow, differentiate myself from others, and live my purpose.

David’s writing style is personable, interacting, and full of real-life stories and examples that I can relate to. The book takes us on a journey to be present, be noticed without being flashy, and how to experience personal success. One of the keys to the book is his framework for Conscious Success. Moreover, the Conscious Competence model is a continuum that explains how most people learn and how we can become more aware of how others learn and implement knowledge.

David was curious about what drove people whom he deemed successful about what they felt are the elements of a successful leader to help us grow and develop healthy habits. His informal survey asked five key questions, and he compiled the results. In the end, he didn’t throw out any of the factors because they are all critical. The categories ranged from purpose, knowledge, self-awareness, and social awareness – 12 elements in all. All or any of these factors are critical to success, and because we are so individual, we will dwell on some factors more than others. In short, there is no magic bullet, we are all unique, and each piece is critical. It’s like putting a puzzle together – but it’s our own puzzle.

Throughout his experiences and research David developed a Conscious Success Model.

3 Elements + 6 Differentiators = 9 Dimensions of Success

It’s a practical and easy plan for us all to use and many of us may be implementing pieces of it today without realizing it. He determined that our success foundation contains the following elements:
1.    Purpose
2.    Self-Awareness
3.    Social Awareness

These elements are the solid foundation for defining your success. He also identified six differentiators which together make up the 9 Dimensions of success.
1.    Authenticity
2.    Work Ethics and Personal Responsibility
3.    Listening for Results and Connections
4.    Articulate for Impact
5.    Humor
6.    Gratitude

If you notice, Purpose is a crucial foundation for your success. When you know it – share it when you are comfortable doing so. From there, set annual and long-range goals, consider personal development plans, and most of all LIVE YOUR PURPOSE.

We are all unique in a busy world. Whether we like the idea or not we need to sell ourselves every day, and it’s not comfortable. As cold as it may seem, think of yourself as a commodity and discover how you can best differentiate and sell yourself to live out your purpose. David offers some effective tools to help us along similar to the 5 Ps of marketing. He provides the 5 Ps of YOU:

1.    Presentation - Impressions count folks, and you need to outwardly live your brand
2.    Proper Placement – How are you placing yourself in the market? Will the job that you have now position you for the future? Do you have the right skills?
3.    Active Promoting – Are you putting yourself out there networking and meeting new people? Building your centers of influence?
4.    Profit/Value – Know your value to yourself, others, and your company.  What are your skills worth?
5.    Perceived Gain – What will people gain by working with you? It’s not always about you but what you can offer as well.

The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success is an outstanding book to not only develop your skills and growth, but it will help articulate how you come across and sell yourself to others. I finished this book in one sitting because I lost myself in the ideas and possibilities. David E. Nielson offers real-life examples and how implementing his models will have an impact on your life. There are action steps and lessons throughout the book. The book is down to earth filled with humor and the many mistakes that David and others have made during their leadership and life purpose journey. This book is a winner, and it should be one that you pick up today to start your journey!