Monday, February 13, 2017

Kaleidoscope - Delivering Innovative Service That Sparkles by Chip R. Bell

“Like a kaleidoscope that ensures the next array of color displayed will be even better than the last, let the service experience your customers have be one that they view as bountifully beautiful” – Chip R. Bell

When I was young we spent all day outside playing. There were no video games, IPads, or cell phones. The coolest toys were the ones that we made or manipulated. On a sunny day the best toy to have was a kaleidoscope. Remember those? We held it up to the light and a magical world appeared inside. Colors morphed into one another and we could make our own color movies. Every turn of the instrument was distinctive and memorable.

The word kaleidoscope comes from the Greeks. “Kalos” means beauty, “eidos” means form, and “skopeo” is to examine or experience. According to Chip R. Bell author of Kaleidoscope - Delivering Innovative Service That Sparkles” If you bring them all together you have “experiencing constantly changing beautiful forms”.  When you compare the magic of a kaleidoscope to the wonder of exceptional customer service you’ve offered your customers a sprinkle of innovative service that builds relationships and forms lifetime bonds.

Chip R. Bell is the master of offering service that not only goes above and beyond, but surprises and delights customers. Imagine if you could consistently draw clients in, shower them with the unexpected, and send them out as ambassadors for your unique service. In his book Kaleidoscope Chip shares nine different “shades” of colored glass in a kaleidoscope. Each of the nine represents a “value-unique service” and how to deliver it. Following are the 9 elements for innovative and memorable service.

  • Enchantment – Add a little sparkle and delight your customers. Avoid “black and white” service instead; put them under the spell of service that shows your desire to truly serve.
  • Grace – Honor your customer. When I think of grace I imagine simple, sophisticated, and elegant. Be proactive with your service yet, deliver it with class and with an attitude of real goodness.
  • Trust – Keep your covenants. Trust is the lifeline and base of your business. Give service that is relationship based, not profit based.
  • Generosity – Serve it forward.  Make your service a reciprocal act. Always give more than is what expected and it will come back full circle.
  • Truth – Nurture total candor. Always be honest, never hide from customers.
  • Mercy – Let it go. Always take the high ground with customers and listen to them without judgment
  • Alliance – Stay.. on purpose. You have a relationship with your customers and you need to make them feel empowered and in charge.
  • Ease- Take care of flow. Make every customer experience easy. Service should flow naturally with the customer expectation that they will have no worries or angst in their covenant with you
  • Passion – Be all there. Have an energized presence with your customers. Be optimistic and bold with how you serve and how it will make customers feel. Show them the real passion of your business

These are powerful shades that you should be showering customers with. Chip suggests that “enchantment” and “passion” are like colored stone bookends of your service. Each colored glass has a unique benefit for innovation and unusual service that makes up the kaleidoscope of customer service we expect as consumers.

Chip’s book is one of the most effective books that I’ve read that really draws the reader in with stories. The stories are the meat of the book and drop us into a world where innovative service is experienced and we see the tangible outcomes. He shares tales of delightful service across industries that drive home the need to offer innovative service. There are numerous quotes to keep the reader thinking. He offers different tools that you can try right now to change the way that you look at, and deliver, exceptional service. You will learn how to serve others and create relationship and loyalty.  You will learn how to make your own kaleidoscope.

Turn your service kaleidoscope on clients so that they can see, touch, and feel the many facets of your business and service. Let them bask in the light and unique “shades” that service can bring. Give them an experience like no other and invite them into your world. Let Kaleidoscope by Chip Bell show you how to provide service that drives the unexpected to clients, builds trust and relationships, and brings them back for more experiences.

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